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Firework Safety

During the 4th of July holiday the Peoria Fire-Medical Department often respond to fire and injury calls involving fireworks. Celebrate the 4th of July safely, not with a burn injury and a trip to the hospital.

Consumer fireworks for the upcoming holiday can be purchased from May 20th until July 6th. Permissible consumer fireworks can then be used from June 24th through July 6th. There are several limitations on fireworks within the City of Peoria. Fireworks cannot be used on city property, including parks, city streets and city sidewalks. The use of fireworks on state land or on school property requires a permit from the City of Peoria.

Permissible consumer fireworks such as spinners and fountains cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 16. Novelty items such as poppers and sparklers can be used by any age group. The Peoria Fire-Medical Department warns parents that supervision is key when allowing children near fireworks.