Installation of Satellite Dishes

Residents that plan to install satellite dishes for their units need to do the following before installation:

1.  An Architectural Form needs to be completed before installation.  This form can be printed off from this website under “Document Center.”  Please submit this form to PDS.

2.  The satellite dishes need to be placed on a platform near the AC/Heating unit. 

3.  Wiring should not be seen hanging over the roof shingles.  The wires should be placed under the roof shingles so as not to be visible.

4.  Satellite dishes are not to be attached to the roof which could cause damage to the roof.  Owners will be responsible if there is any damage to the roofs from the installation.

It is advised that you present these items to your satellite dish company before the dish is installed.  Once your dish is installed and the wiring is appropriately attached your Architectural Form will be approved by the Board of Directors.


Below are photos of acceptable placements of satellite dishes, and a photo of a correct placement of wire attachment to the roof shingles.  If you have any questions please contact PDS.